Leads + Outbound Caller Bundle Pack

  • Need new clients, but don’t have the persuasiveness to talk and show value over the phone?
  • Need a real expert appointment setter?
  • Don’t have the time?


This will enable you to grow your business FAST with new clients and enable key companies to hear your BRAND! Our Expert Telemarketer will call ALL your leads, provide reporting on every single call, and set up appointments for you; so you can spend time on what you do best, focusing on the growth of YOUR business!


  • Tailored Optimized Script
  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead Generation
  • Reporting

Done for you business packages have an experienced team that understands B2B transactions and how they differ from the consumer market.

Our outbound telemarketing experts are ready to present your business in the best light, forging new relationships with business partners and other companies and assisting in generating quality commercial leads.

There are several key differences when focusing outbound telemarketing services towards businesses over the consumer market. Speaking with the right people, the decision makers, and getting past business ‘gatekeepers’ is how we secure you with new tangible business opportunities.

Bypassing receptionists, secretaries and assistants and speaking with those who are genuinely interested in your product or service, from a business perspective, is what our B2B telemarketers specialise in.

Our team will open new doors in your industry and those related so that you can increase your brand exposure and form mutual, beneficial sales partnerships with applicable businesses.

Every business sets sales objectives and new business targets. The only way to efficiently meet them is to have a consistent supply of high-quality leads for your sales teams to follow up and close. This is why using professional appointment setting services is critical for the fundamental growth of your business.

Done for you business packages experienced outbound call centre teams will call your potential customers to make qualified appointments for your sales teams. We use only profiled and targeted data lists of specific companies, or market sectors that have a real need for your products or services, to ensure the best results are achieved.

Every business needs growth to advance. Being able to expand your products, services or brand into new markets, increasing your mindshare and revenue streams is crucial for business development. There are many avenues that help funnel business prospects for future sales, each with their benefits and challenges.

Playing a vital role in today’s modern business framework, an appointment setting service is one path to generate new sales leads. By directly targeting your key audience groups, correct appointments are a guaranteed way to drive fresh income opportunities.

By filtering potential prospects, appointment setting allows sale teams to work at maximum productivity in doing what they do best – closing a deal. It’s why many companies turn to appointment setting when looking to increase profitability because it can be a very cost-effective strategy that also provides additional advantages.

A professional appointment setting service does more than just cold calling and setting up new leads. It also gathers key marketing information that assists a business long term. By creating a detailed database of clients, appointment setting allows for other appropriate marketing teams to capitalise on future sales initiatives.

For smaller businesses, interaction with an appointment setting service could be a prospect’s first time hearing about that particular product or service. Having experts handling the appointments will not only drive new revenue sources, but also increase your market share and brand recognition, leaving potential clients with a great first impression about your business.

Appointment setting is notoriously difficult to perfect, often being a road block when it comes to expanding profitable sales for a business. Having proficient appointment setters can make a big difference for your business, and there are many reasons why you should outsource them to an expert provider like Done for you business packages.

It doesn’t matter if you’re one person or have a whole team of sales representatives working for you, outsourcing appointment setting services increases productivity. Instead of having to man phones for cold calling and follow-ups or go through folders of emails, the people who are great with sales can do exactly that.

By outsourcing to a specialised service provider, you can be confident that the latest and most effective techniques and technology are being used for your business as not all appointment setting services have the same quality. It takes time, planning, expertise and knowledge to ensure they are implemented in a way that serves business goals effectively.

This includes specialised techniques that focus on nurturing leads over existing follow-ups, social media integration, and specific communication approaches developed purely to augment the appointment setting process.

Our appointment setters use the latest technology to screen corporate leads. Many systems used in this service can be incorporated into your business structure – which saves time, keeps results transparent and makes it easier for your sales teams to do their job.

Setting up your own appointments means more staff and more micromanagement by you or someone you trust to look after the operation. Outdated technology and processes add up, causing productivity to stall and the cost of the service to soar.

This is even before you train staff in appointment setting, which again has its own expense associated with it. There can be costs even related to expanding office space to accommodate your own appointment setters as well as provide them with additional equipment such as new phones and computers.

If you do finally get a team together that is cheaper than an outsourced one, it’s still hard to determine if it will be more cost effective the long run concerning results. When comparing the rate of investment between using your own service versus outsourcing, you’ll find using a specialised appointment setting service provides better overall cost effectiveness for your business.

Outsourcing your appointment setting also gives you the peace of mind that you are getting experienced, thoroughly trained operators that know exactly how to identify and harvest qualified prospects. Our specialists’ skills have been tailored for the exact purpose of getting prospects in front of your sales staff.

When paying for a service you want clear, tangible results – a rate of investment that you can see is having real world effects benefiting your revenue streams. Without proper accountability and reporting, appointment setting services provide little benefit to overall business profitability.

Utilising specialists for your appointment setting offers key performance indicators on exactly how new business is being created from this service. Even better, many service providers can link reporting with your sales team and their results. With one comprehensive system in place, it becomes easier to manage your staff in relation to appointment setters and the fresh leads they generate.


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