Spreadsheet Leads

  • Finding it difficult to get new leads?
  • Looking to grow your business not sure where to start?


This will enable you to contact other business that may need your valuable services and products! The Spreadsheet leads package is the surest way to grow and SUPERCHARGE your business so you can get more clients and customers to make more sales!
You can get up to 1500 results on each spreadsheet you make in any NICHE or CITY. If you’re looking for carefully compiled data on any support leads in any industry or country delivered within 24 hours, then you’ve come to the right place.


1 x spreadsheet of 500+ leads

Leads + Outbound Caller Bundle Pack

  • Need new clients, but don’t have the persuasiveness to talk and show value over the phone?
  • Need a real expert appointment setter?
  • Don’t have the time?


This will enable you to grow your business FAST with new clients and enable key companies to hear your BRAND! Our Expert Telemarketer will call ALL your leads, provide reporting on every single call and set up appointments for you; so you can spend time on what you do best, focusing on the growth YOUR business!


Expert Outbound caller to call all of your leads

– Who wants a face to face appointment
– Who wasn’t available
– Who needs to be called back
– Who needs a quote for your services

The Ultimate Website Package


  • You get a full ready to go polished website for your business.
    You get the ability to change any text on the website if you wish to.
  • You get the ability to keep all text the same and just add in your own business name, logo and contact information.
  • You get stock images.
  • You get commercial licenced photos.
  • You have a live google map link.
  • Links to your business number is added.
  • Links to your social media is added.
  • Automated form linked to your email address.
  • FULL 5 page website WITHIN 3 DAYS!

Not having a website means losing business, you’re missing out on opportunities for customers/clients to identify your business and the services you offer! Allowing us to create your website or improve your current site will not only add value and credibility to your business but will also increase sales and higher profits.
Have a full ready-to-go polished website within 3 days.

Google and Facebook Review Bundle Pack


  • Build trust with customers
  • Increases ROI
  • Improves social proof
  • Build trust with customer
  • Increases online exposure and local SEO
  • Google reviews are known to convert more customers
  • Improve click through rates to your website with google reviews.

Facebook Ad Specialist

  • Majority of your customers are on Facebook, so why aren’t you targeting them?

Our Professional Facebook manager will set you up to generate more sales and leads through running your own Facebook adverts which will be set up for you! Our professional Facebook Expert will create adverts for you, link your page to the business manager page, create Ads manager so you can run ad’s, set up a pixel so you can track stats and ROI.

Facebook Ad Specialist to Generate Leads for ONE month Setting up ad accounts, create pixel, connecting business manager, creating adverts!

Social Media Done For You Pack

  • Social Media is essential for your business, so why have a social media with dry, corporate style social media posts?

Instagram Growth Expert – Organic Follower Grower.
Have one of our professional growth experts gain organic followers for your Instagram page, this will build credibility for your business and also grow sales and potential customers.
Following 1000 Businesses in your demographic!


Video Adverts Done for You Pack

  • Don’t have the time or skills to create video adverts for your business? Don’t want to spend $1000’s on adverts that take WEEKS?


Having Video Adverts allows you to convey more information in a shorter amount of time than images. Our creative video adverts INSTANTLY merge two things that catch users attention: movement and sound. Our Video Adverts are proven to fight competition, increase sales and traffic, build brand awareness, and make your business memorable to customers and clients. If your video adverts aren’t unique from other adverts, what’s stopping YOUR viewers from going elsewhere?

Done For You Diamond Business Package

  • Needing the full ultimate package?

Our Diamond Done For You Package is the complete package every business owner needs.

  • You don’t have the time to call all your leads?
  • You don’t have the time to learn how to set up your own Facebook Adverts?
  • You don’t have the time to build your own polished website?

It’s your TIME to grow your business with US!
For ONLY $999 you can have the ultimate package bundle that would usually cost you over $5000.

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